Zurvita understands that for people to change their lives for the better, they have to first understand that they truly matter.

Once they recognize their worth, they’ll also be able to recognize the worth of those around them, causing a ripple effect. The Zurvita mission is to give people the tools they need to feel empowered, transforming into new and improved versions of themselves. Zurvita does this by focusing on two very specific facets.

Zurvita has two goals. The first is to create a product line that gives customers what they need to have a healthy, happy lifestyle, no matter their age. The second goal of Zurvita is to offer their products to those who want to market them so they can earn immediate and even residual income. By combining these two goals, Zurvita has changed the healthcare product world.


Who Created Zurvita?

In 2008, Zurvita was started by Mark and Tracy Jarvis, a husband and wife team that had already experienced success in the direct sales industry. Leaving their high paying jobs behind, the couple decided they wanted to focus on work that actually mattered, bringing people the health products they need and the income opportunities they want.

The Jarvis’s designed several principles that would be the foundation of their company, Zurvita. Every single product offered by Zurvita, every decision made by the creators and employees of Zurvita follow the three principles below.

The company will always glorify and honor God. This is done by loving, not judging, people and where they are in life.

The company should be developed by humble leadership. The higher people go and the more successful they become, the more they should serve others.
Zurvita will be an environment where people can excel and win. The culture of the company will always celebrate the success of its independent consultants, no matter what level.

By keeping these three principles at the foundation of the company, the Jarvis’s have been able to grow and expand, offering Zurvita products to more and more people throughout the world.

Zurvita Products

Zurvita has three main product lines, though each one has various product options. These three product lines form the basis of everything Zurvita offers, including its income opportunities.

Zeal for Life

zurvita-sealThe first product offered by Zurvita is Zeal for Life. An all in one blend that offers all the supplements and nutrients the body needs, this supplement comes in three different flavor options.

-Bold Grape

-Tropic Dream

-Wild Berry

Not only is Zeal a delicious supplement addition for those who want to increase their energy levels and feel younger, it also gives the body what it needs to stay healthy. With so many problems with diet, lack of exercise, and general lethargy these days, Zeal offers a natural way for users to get the nutritional, food-based solution they need.

Zeal for life has several benefits, including:

-Boosting Energy Levels

-Optimizing Health

-Restoring the Body

-Protecting the Body

-Enriching the Body

-Maintaining Healthy Weight

-Improving Focus

Zeal for Life is able to offer these amazing benefits through its diverse, nutrient packed supplement product. Made to be both nutritious and delicious, Zeal has the food-based nutritional components the body needs to be healthy.

Zeal includes:




-Amino Acids



And, because Zeal for Life comes in an all in one formula, it’s extremely convenient to use. With Zeal, there’s no need for messy juicers or annoying blenders. All it takes is a serving of Zeal mixed into a cup or shaker of water, and users can go. Zeal for Life makes it that easy to get all the important vitamins and nutrients the body needs to thrive.


Zurvita Protein

With all the buzz about the importance of protein these days, it can be difficult to know what product to use. Zurvita Protein has been scientifically proven to give the body all the protein it needs. However, this delicious mix does more than pack a protein punch, it also gives over two dozen vital minerals and vitamins that the body needs to function healthily.

Zurvita Protein comes in two distinct flavors:

-Vanilla Crème

-Chocolate Delight

And while the taste of Zurvita Protein is amazing, it’s the many benefits it offers the body that has users coming back for more.

Zurvita Protein helps:

-Build Muscles

-Maintain Strong Bones

-Boost the Metabolism

-Repair Tissue

-Promote Heart Health

And these benefits are just the beginning. Because Zurvita Protein is packed full of natural dietary fiber, it keeps users full throughout the day, resulting in smaller meals and less snacking. Those who use Zurvita Protein consistently won’t just notice they feel better, they’ll also notice the pounds dropping away.

Just like Zeal for Life, Zurvita Protein is extremely easy to make. It can be added to water or milk, shaken or blended, and just like that, users have a drink that provides their body with protein, minerals, and vitamins important to body health. Zurvita Protein can be used as a meal replacement or as a snack.
Weight Management Program

Losing and maintain weight can be extremely difficult, especially if those trying to reach these goals don’t have the support system they need to do this successfully. Zurvita offers that support for people through its weight management program.

The Zurvita Weight Management Program combines several of the Zurvita lifestyle products to create a complete solution for losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, and staying healthy. This is done through the nutritional products offered by Zurvita, as well as lifestyle training offered by Zurvita professionals.

There are four products in the Zurvita Weight Management Program. These products are:

– Zeal for Life

– Zurvita Protein

– Zurvita Cleanse

– Zurvita Burn

Zeal for Life and Zurvita Protein are explained in detail above.

Zurvita Cleanse

Zurvita Cleanse is a powerful, natural probiotic that helps clean out toxins and pollutants from the body. Zurvita Burn is a thermogenic blend that helps user’s burn fat more efficiently.

The goal of the Zurvita Weight Management Program is to give users the inspiration, motivation, and education they need to succeed and reach their goals. In the end, Zurvita hopes that users will have experienced:

-Personal Growth




In addition to these important improvements, Zurvita hopes to teach users the exercises needed for a healthy lifestyle, as well as how to create a balanced and healthy nutritional plan that will keep weight off, permanently.
Working for Zurvita

In addition to the many products offered by Zurvita, it also has a program for those who want to become independent consultants with the company. Consultants are responsible for selling Zurvita products as well as gathering referrals. The goal is to give hard workers the opportunity to make an income, as well as residual monthly, passive income.

Zurvita offers six distinct ways interested parties can make money with the company. By offering so many options, Zurvita hopes that it can encourage people from all different types of lifestyles and backgrounds to find the right Zurvita fit for them.

Those interested in joining Zurvita can find more information on the Zurvita website. There are several consultants available to help those who have questions or inquiries about the Zurvita process. zurvita-consultant