A True Traffic Monsoon Analysis:

Although Traffic Monsoon isn’t your only choice when it comes to a paid-to-click platform, it is comprised of many features that may intrigue those wanting to make money or direct more quality traffic to their site.

I’ll go into more detail about the features below, but let’s start things off with some information about the company, Traffic Monsoon.

About Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon was created a little over a year ago, and not much is known about the company in general. The website doesn’t reveal much at all about who manages the company. It appears that they haven’t subscribed to the recent school of thought where network marketing companies should be open and transparent with their consumers.

If you have ever used or read anything about High Traffic Academy, you’ll easily be able to differentiate the two companies just based on how they are managed.

We’re afraid to say that there is little indication that Traffic Monsoon will even be around in a year. There is no reason for someone to invest their time and money into this company when there isn’t even available growth or revenue data for Traffic Monsoon.

Here are some other red flags that these people are amateurs:

  1. The testimonials they provide aren’t attributed to anyone. What’s the point?
  2. There is ambiguous content that pertains to the economy and business at home. The content is completely irrelevant to Traffic Monsoon (or rather, it is not explained how it is relevant) and appears to just be oddly placed filler to make the site look legit.
  3. There is no information about the size of their network, thus making it difficult to deduce if it’s worth your time and money to join.
  4. No showcase of sites that are part of their network.

MLM Opportunity Lies in the Products

The key product they offer is advertising. The ad packs they sell start as long as $5 and help business owners get visitors and banner clicks. The purchasing of the ad packs gives the business owners a chance to take part in the opportunity as well. To get paid, one only has to click a minimum of 10 ads a day.

Confused? This is how the system works:

  1. Advertising! Traffic Monsoon is a platform for advertising. Business owners come to these kinds of platforms to purchase ads that will be put on websites that are part of a network that pays people to visit them. They’re purchasing views for sites, basically. There are 2 ways that a business owner can purchase ads: 1) with cash 2) by joining the network and visiting the sites of fellow network members to obtain credits which let them purchase ads. You can join for free and you aren’t required to buy credits or visitors. The process is simple: view 2 sites and get 1 visitor credit.  Buy services and get one visitor credit per visit to a site.  Essentially, everyone is helping everyone else out.
  2. Click! Traffic Monsoon also offers a “paid to click” opportunity. People who have joined receive $0.01 for each click. To clarify, business and site owners purchase real clicks, not just visitors.
  3. Sharing! Traffic Monsoon is also a platform for sharing revenue. This means that you invite friends and others to join and start buying clicks and/or clicking themselves. And guess what? You’ll earn a commission!
  4. Affiliation! Traffic Monsoon is also an affiliate program. You have the ability to refer the visitors you buy to fellow network members’ offered products and services. Just like with the invites, you’ll earn a commission! The rate for this is 10%.

There are a few different kinds of ads available:

  • banner ads
  • text ads
  • traffic exchange start pages
  • traffic exchange credit purchases (purchase views instead of earning credits by clicking)
  • login ads

It costs 50 cents a click if you want to go after specific countries in your ad campaign. Other than that, the normal cost is 25 cents a click. It costs 35 dollars a day to purchase Traffic Exchange Start Pages, which makes your site the first one that most members will see when they log on. At the same rate, you could purchase login ads, which put your site in a pop-up window that members see when they log on.

With all of that said, it’s easy to see why Traffic Monsoon is one of the hottest gigs on the web, despite the amateurish faults I listed earlier.

Their service is quite similar to that offered by My Advertising Pays in the way ads packs are available to be purchased and that you can earn credits by clicking ads. Traffic Monsoon is treading upwards due to that similarity. As for MAP, well, they’re sinking and Traffic Monsoon is taking advantage of it.

With everything I’ve said so far, there must be risk, right?

Delving Deeper Into Traffic Monsoon

What are some ways of how people have used Traffic Monsoon? Well, they’ve used it to send traffic to:

  • Clicksense sites
  • Sites like Easy Hits 4 U
  • Affiliate offers
  • Traffic exchange
  • Their own sites

Just placing a single ad circulates it through an entire web of various sites owned by members of the Traffic Monsoon network.

Traffic Monsoon also allows you to display your ads to those who aren’t part of the TM network. This gives you a broader audience. An audience that will most likely fit the demographic that you’re targeting. Remember that your visitors are going to be online business owners just like you who are looking for new ways to make money in their pajamas.

Targeted traffic goes a long way if you’re looking to actually make a profit. The traffic you get from social media is not nearly as targeted, therefore conversions aren’t as likely. Not convinced? 88% of small business owners who have utilized social media say that conversions are not the biggest benefit. Exposure for their business is (2).

Signing up is free and you can easily get visitor traffic credits by viewing ads from other members. Even free members get to click ads and earn a visitor credit per every 2 sites visited. This is an incredibly simple method to send more visitors to your site and it’s FREE. Unfortunately, it’s not scalable. You can only hold a set amount of credits at one time.

Buying Ad Packs and watching your account grow is the only way to scale up and get conversions. This goes without saying, but the more you grow your account, the more traffic you can get.

Traffic Monsoon Compensation Plan & Commission Rewards

Starting at just $50, you can buy Ad Packs and begin making money from Traffic Monsoon. TM shares revenue from ads with members that qualify at a daily rate of up to $55.

This is incredibly similar to the aforementioned My Advertising Pays, but these guys are lesser proven.

Up to 110% in revenues are shared by TM’s cashback offer. Buying an ad pack combo for $50 will provide you with 20 banner clicks and 1000 visitors to your site. You can then qualify to share in the aforementioned revenues for 24 hours by clicking 10 ads a day. This enables you to get as much as 110% of your cash back on the ad packs you bought. Unfortunately, you won’t be making much money if Traffic Monsoon doesn’t see many sells on that day. Purchase more ad packs and you’ll end up making more money in the midst of your earning period.

You can purchase “sharing positions” beginning at $50 and if Traffic Monsoon has a really good day, you can earn up to $55. Remember the 110%? Since they rely on company sales, daily earnings are not promised. A participant in this program reported that each position gives about a dollar a day, which means that you’ll have $10 once you get 10 sharing positions. You could then use that to purchase another ad pack. TM members recommend buying a minimum of 2 ad packs (TM traffic) each week to ensure account growth.

Also, it’s recommended that you buy Monsoon Traffic (non-TM traffic) once every week.

You’ll need to view 10 ads a day to qualify for the revenue sharing, by the way. This means you must view sites that are listed in your account after logging on.

The kinds of sites that you’ll be given to view include many that are similar to your own. Including but not limited to: sites featuring MLMs, affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship, generating income, and products and services.

If you’re looking for smaller scale stuff, TM has Cashlinks which allow you to slowly make more money by visiting sites. You’ll find your Cashlinks by logging in and scrolling down to links. When you find them, just click one at a time and stay on the site for 20-30 seconds per link. This will increase your “Cashlinks” balance slightly. Click all of those Cashlinks and you’ll get more later.

On top of that, the 10% affiliate program is there, too.

Invite new people to Traffic Monsoon and you’ll get 10% commissions on whatever they buy. Can you believe that some buy ad packs just to promote their TM affiliate page?

Ad Packs vs. Monsoon Traffic:

If a specific type of ads is yielding better results than others, you have the option to buy credits outside of ad packs just for that type of ad. For example, if banners net you a really nice amount of conversions, you can just buy banners. Same applies for text ads and login ads.

Another big difference between Ad Packs and Monsoon Traffic (un-bundled packages) are the viewers of your ads. The viewers for ads from ad packs are fellow TM members who are viewing to complete their daily quota so that they can qualify for the revenue sharing. The ads from Monsoon Traffic are given to a broader audience, among those being free members who are clicking to make a profit.

People often say that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is dead and gone. What if they are right? A business owner NEEDS traffic to make a profit, just like humans need food and water to survive.

Marketing via e-mail works, but you’ll need an e-mail list already built. Not helpful if you’re just starting up. You can utilize social media, but that takes a lot of time that you just can’t afford to spend. If you’re an online business owner, you don’t have time to sit around and wait for your company’s social media accounts to grow to where they’re able to convert leads. Aside from that, Facebook advertising is not that cheap.  It will cost on average $24 for just 100 Facebook clicks. (1) That is just not enough for most online business owners. They have a need for cheap and immediate traffic. Facebook doesn’t offer that.

Addressing Some Points

How much can be earned and how stable is the system?

To address these questions, you must realize that before anything else, Traffic Monsoon is a method to bring more traffic to business. The potential income aspect is nothing more than just a “thank you” for participating in the system. You can almost draw a comparison between the “thank you” and someone with a job taking a shot at the stock market. They are comparable because of the fact that you’re taking what you earn and grow it over time, taking a chance that the system won’t crash before you cash out.

Despite the fact that the Traffic Monsoon system makes you task risks, it’s not a Ponzi scheme. A real product is being offered here and that real product is traffic. To bring back a comparison I made earlier, would you consider the stock market a Ponzi scheme? Heck no!

Look at it from this perspective:

Of your earnings from revenue sharing and affiliate activity, you can withdraw minimum of $10 at a time.  But if you “reinvest” your “dividend” you increase your “shares” and earn more in the long run.  As with the stock market, there is a risk that the whole thing crumbles before you’re able to get out.  But the temptation to watch your lump grow is real and just as exciting as the stock market.


It’s a real shame that Traffic Monsoon is so reserved about its company info. The products and opportunities offered are very straightforward, although time-consuming (you should be expecting this though, since it’s a PTC).

Unfortunately, purchasing visitors through Traffic Monsoon is a risk rather than an outright purchase. Let me help illustrate this risk: the cost for 50,000 visitors is $70, 10,000 is $16, as low as 2500 visitors for $5, and as high as 500,000 for $600. That’s a pretty big investment and a pretty big risk since there is no kind of “quality assurance” behind Traffic Monsoon. With that bit of risk, this system has a bit of a resemblance to the stock market. It’s a legit system, but involves you to take some risks.

Consumer discretion is advised.


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