Tai Lopez offers coaching, motivational speaking and digital programs on topics related to success and personal development.  He’s controversial because for whatever reason, he elicits a strong emotional response from people.  They either love him or deeply want to expose him as a scam.


Tai Lopez, The Enterprise

No matter what people say, no matter what Tai Lopez does or doesn’t do, there’s no denying that he’s a smart guy.  I’m not sure how hard it is to fake Mensa membership, but he’s a bona fide Mensa member (well-known national club for people with high IQs).  That deserves attention.

He’s also a talented speaker- not just because he’s well read and intelligent, but because he is thoughtful, articulate, and personable on screen.  And also quite interesting and informative.

Other than a natural gift for engaging his audience with well-informed advice, what are his qualifications for instructing others on how to live the good life?

  • Self-taught Certified Financial Planner (rags to riches)
  • One of the first people to do Google Adwords (2001)
  • Runs the largest online book club in the country (Book of the Day Club)
  • His own fabulous success serves as testament to his methods:
    • Financial success
    • Tedx Talk
    • Spoke at London Business School
    • Interviewed by Vice magazine

The Book of the Day Club

tai-lopez-booksLet’s talk about his Book of the Day Club.  It’s important because it sheds light on the quality of his products.  By submitting your email to Tai, you get daily updates on what he’s read.  Yes, he claims to read a book a day.

The books he reads are good books- they are by authors like Peter Drucker, Sigmund Freud, historian Will Durant, and successful business people like Warren Buffet and Sam Walton.  They represent a nice blend of history, business, psychology, sociology, science, and economics.

He reads across a very wide cross section of topics, which is a sign he’s pretty darn smart.  The knowledge he’s amassed from being such a big reader (although naysayers don’t believe he reads at all) has, over the years, gelled in his brain to create a well-rounded philosophy of life that comes through clearly in his audio and video presentations.  Like your third grade teacher told you: reading is good.

A side note: he speed reads the books, by the way.  If you don’t know what that means, it’s simply using the table of contents to identify key points, then reading only the beginnings of most paragraphs but slowing down to focus on the most important parts.  You get the general gist of what the author is saying…this works especially well with non-fiction which is mostly what Tai is reading (self help, biographies, science, history).

Why All The Hate For Tai Lopez?

Success brings scrutiny, and Mr. Lopez sure does have a lot of both.  One reason might be that he does tend to brag a lot.  He’s smart, so each bragging point is disguised in a “but that’s not important” attitude where he brushes things off as if they’re no big deal (but they are).

Things like this: I have multiple homes across the county, I’ve been to 51 countries, I hang out with awesome people, I have a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a 17,000 square foot house, I spoke to Arnold Schwarzenegger”.  


So, it’s easy see why people love to hate him…he’s rich and not only does he loves to list his blessings, but he does it often.

But if we can sweep jealousy aside and listen to what he’s saying, it’s actually pretty solid stuff.  It’s all there in his products.

Products – The 67 Step Program

Products are digital programs created by Tai Lopez, who delivers his branded wisdom via audio files.  There are two main products:

  1. 67 Steps- monthly subscription
  2. Accelerator – one-time fee

There’s a money-back guarantee, plus several bonus products that show you how to:

  • read faster
  • how to enjoy your money
  • a motivational manual

67 Steps. ($67 monthly membership fee)

The average person needs 66 days to take a personal goal and make it real.  Tai Lopez took his knowledge and parsed it out in words into 300 choice nuggets of advice.

Those 300 points of wisdom have been boiled down to 66 techniques (and one for good measure)

Tai Lopez’s 67 steps promises advice for “doing big things” in your life.  Whether that means bootstrapping yourself up from total poverty, finding love or getting into shape, the 67 steps mean to get you there.

The 67 Steps are necessary, says Tai, partly because you never learn a formula for financial success in school.  Although the steps are about more than just finances, he cites this as an example of what you stand to gain with his product.

According to Tai, there are three things you need for any type of success:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Strategy
  3. Execution

Knowledge:  Knowledge comes first because it’s the most important component of success.  The hunger of knowing stuff- that’s what pulls you off the couch you’re living on in your friend’s house.  Our common enemy is the ignorance of our upbringing.

Strategy: “Make war with a multitude of counselors”.  Tai urges you to find a mentor to help you devise a strategy for putting your knowledge to good use to achieve the happy life.

Execution: You must be part of a movement to execute (“immersion”).  This means find a community of like-minded people who support what you’re doing.  Fellow entrepreneurs (if you’re starting a business), people at your gym (if your goal is weight loss) will keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

Here are a few of the 67 steps Tai reveals in his product:

  • master social media
  • leverage technique
  • change your body language
  • use tone of voice to connect with the right people
  • new levels of willpower and focus
  • daily scheduling (chunking)

67 Steps is a continually renewing package of information that you can apply to real life.  You get more and more every month until you’ve got all 67 steps.  After that, you can go for the other product: Accelerator.

Tai Lopez Accelerator Program ($997 as of now).

For serious Tai Lopez fans, there’s the Accelerator product.  You get:

  • One-on-one call with a top Tai Lopez consultant to define your goals in life and determine which product fits your needs
  • A success program in three levels: Money, Entrepreneur, and Persuasion.  Each level has 67 mini lessons.
  • Access to everything Tai has ever created, called “The Vault”
  • Advanced Business Calls- access to Tai in an intimate group setting.  A chance to ask questions.  Tai goes into detail on lots of his concepts too.

For those who have bought the 67 Steps product and love it, the Accelerator offers a more personal and intense experience with Tai Lopez’s mentorship.  Not that you get tons of time with Tai himself, but you do get to interact in real time during business conference calls.

Only 300 people at a time are let into the Accelerator program- which is why it’s more intense, personal, and costly.

Besides getting help with setting goals, Accelerator members get an advanced tutorialship on personal finance with the goal of achieving financial freedom.  They also get advice on building a business and finally: influencing people and selling things.  It’s everything you need to live that Laptop Life.

A Conclusion

Tai Lopez is smarter than your average motivational speaker/personal development guru.  He’s definitely smarter than your average person.   That plus a totally engaging way of doing public speaking combine to make internet mentoring magic.

Is that why the Tai Lopez haters work so hard to find inconsistencies in his videos?

Why is his mentorship worth $67 per month?  Just watch one of his videos and you’ll see it yourself.  He’s engaging, fascinating, and uplifting without being corny, sugary, hyped up or cheesy.  He talks, he doesn’t scream.  He thinks deeply about his words and the message he’s conveying.  There’s an authenticity there that’s hard to deny.

As he puts it, people don’t pay attention to things that are free.  Pay for it, and you’re going to be sure to use it (to get your money’s worth).