Stemtech is a stem cell nutrition company that wants to use the power of stem cells to achieve “total life enhancement”. Read our review to find out whether or not it’s a legit opportunity.

What is Stemtech?

Stemtech is a multilevel marketing company that claims to use the power of stem cells to make a wide variety of nutritional supplements and products.

The company has recently made headlines for its “transformative cell phone filter” that claims to protect cell phone users from “harmful” radiation emitted by cell phones. That cell phone filter is called D-FUZE and consists of a small sticker you place on the back of your cell phone.

Some of the company’s other popular products include SE2, StemFlo, ST-5 with MigraStem, StemSport, and even a series of stem cell supplements for dogs and pets.

The company has also launched recent marketing campaigns to attract Independent Business Partners, in which case you’ll become part of a multilevel compensation structure and have the opportunity to make money while working from home.

Stemtech Products

Stemtech currently has all of the following products on the market. Its product lineup is separated into two main categories: one, for “Eco Products”, and another, for “Stem Cell Nutrition”. The cell phone filter we mentioned above is the only member of the Eco Products lineup, while all other Stemtech supplements are part of the Stem Cell Nutrition lineup.


D-FUZE is the Stemtech product that has been making headlines in recent weeks. D-FUZE promises to protect your body from the dangerous effects of cell phones. It’s a smartphone sticker “infused with Vital Force Technology”. This technology purportedly blocks EMFs and directs them away from your body.

D-FUZE comes in the form of a small thin disc. You stick the disc onto the back of a cell phone, then use your cell phone as normal.

Most research shows that the effects of cell phone radiation are minimal, if not non-existent. However, some studies have shown there may be minor health effects. In any case, D-FUZE’s sales page is very clearly marketed towards grandparents: there are numerous mentions of how you need to protect your grandchildren and children, for example, and how you need to buy these filters for everyone in your family.

Here’s how pricing breaks down for D-FUZE:

  • -D-FUZE Single Filter (Retail): $30 USD
  • -D-FUZE Single Filter (Wholesale): $25
  • -D-FUZE Filters (Wholesale Pack of 5): $100

You must be a Stemtech partner to get wholesale pricing.


se3 (yes, it’s spelled all lower case) is a nutritional supplement that claims to use advanced stem cell nutrition to “support the body’s natural renewal system”. It includes ingredients like astragalus, cordyceps, curcumin, and aloe to purportedly maintain and repair cell tissues in your body.

All of the ingredients are hidden within proprietary blends, so we don’t know the dosage of any ingredients inside the formula. Stemtech has also not posted the results of any clinical studies done on the supplement, although there’s some fancy graphs that show se3 has a positive impact on “adult stem cells in circulation”. Stemtech doesn’t go into detail on how they measured that.

Some of the claimed benefits of the supplements include the ability to promote youthful, healthy aging and an overall sense of wellbeing. Here’s how pricing works out:

  • -se3 Bottle (Retail): $69.95
  • -se3 Bottle (Wholesale): $58.95
  • -se3 Case of 6 Bottles (Wholesale): $329.70


StemFlo is a supplement that claims to support healthy circulation and blood flow, helping you reduce stiffness and target oxidative stress throughout the body.

The supplement works using, once again, a proprietary formula in which no dosages are disclosed. That formula includes an unknown amount of gotu kola extract, amla extract, lemon extract, a “proprietary enzyme blend”, grape pomace extract, and turmeric extract, among other ingredients.

Pricing works like this:

  • -StemFlo Bottle (Retail): $63.95
  • -StemFlo Bottle (Wholesale): $51.95
  • -StemFlo Case of 6 Bottles (Wholesale): $287.70

ST-5 with MigraStem

ST-5 with MigraStem claims to infuse your tissues with enhanced stem cells and nutrients. It also delivers 10 grams of fiber per serving. You add one scoop of the formula to a beverage of your choice, then drink it to support your overall health.

The formula contains a protein blend (18.2 grams per serving), a fiber blend (10 grams per serving), a MigraStem Whole Food Antioxidant Blend (950mg of goji juice, Fucoidan, and mushrooms per serving), and a digestive enzyme blend (250mg of bromelain, protease, cellulose, hemicellulose, and invertase).

Prices break down like this:

  • -ST-5 Canister (Retail): $65.95
  • -ST-5 Canister (Wholesale): $53.95
  • -ST-5 Case of 6 Canisters (Wholesale): $299.70

StemSport Advanced Formula StemSpot claims to be a “breakthrough concept in fitness nutrition” designed for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. It claims to boost mental clarity and help your body recover faster at the cellular level.

StemSport isn’t actually a single supplement. instead, it’s a combination of se3 and StemFlo, two separate supplements. As mentioned above, se3 promises to support the release of growth hormones and your body’s natural renewal system, while StemFlo promises to boost your blood flow and circulation.


DermaStem is Stemtech’s skin serum that uses natural ingredients to kickstart the skin’s natural renewal processes. Stemtech cites one clinical test where their formula led to a 10% decrease in fine lines in 7 days and a 25.33% decrease in 28 days. It’s unclear if that means the average participant experienced a 25% reduction in wrinkles, or if only 25% of participants experienced a decrease in wrinkles. Stemtech doesn’t give us much information about this trial – like how many patients were involved.

Stemtech does cite another study where their formula led to an increase in stem cell activity. However, that study was performed in vitro – which means it was performed on microorganisms instead of on the human body. You can read more about that study here.

In any case, DermaStem is a mocha-colored skin cream that contains ingredients like berry juices, blackcurrant, “Old Man’s weed”, vanilla, cacao, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and a surprising range of other natural ingredients. You place two pumps of the formula on your skin, then apply it and smooth it around your face.

DermaStem certainly isn’t cheap. Here’s how pricing breaks down (1 bottle is 30mL or 1 fluid ounce):

  • -DermaStem Serum (Retail): $132
  • -DermaStem Serum (Wholesale): $99
  • -DermaStem Serum Case of 4 (Wholesale): $376


StemPets claims to be a natural stem cell enhancer for dogs and other household pets. It claims to use stem cell-boosting ingredients to ease joint pain in your dogs or cats. Dosage varies based on the size of your pet. Dogs and cats under 15 pounds take half a tablet, for example, while those above 60 pounds take 2 tablets.

Pricing looks like this:

  • -StemPets Bottle (Retail): $43.95
  • -StemPets Bottle (Wholesale): $38.95
  • -StemPets Case of 6 Bottles (Wholesale): $215.70


StemEquine promises similar benefits to StemPets, but catered specifically to horses. It promises to boost the number of circulating adult stem cells in your horse by 3 to 4 million. You add this formula to your horse’s feed, then watch as your horse enjoys the health benefits. Pricing looks like this:

  • -StemEquine Bottle (Retail): $131.95
  • -StemEquine Bottle (Wholesale): $110.95
  • -StemEquine Case of 4 Bottles (Wholesale): $423.80

The Stemtech Opportunity

Stemtech, like most direct marketing and multilevel marketing companies, does not sell its products in stores. Instead, it sells directly to consumers through a network of sales distributors.

Those who are interested in joining Stemtech as a salesperson can join as “Independent Business Partners”. The company promises many of the same things as other MLMs, including increased freedom and the opportunity to earn residual income while working from home.

There are multiple ways to join Stemtech, including as a Stemtech Product Consumer, a Stemtech Income Earner, or a Stemtech Career Leader.

Like most multilevel marketing companies, you’ll need to pay a significant amount of money before you get the chance to make any money with Stemtech. And, the more you pay upfront to join the company, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn money (you get a larger per-bottle discount).

Entry fees for the business range in price from $320 to $3000. You can view more about the Stemtech opportunity here.

About Stemtech

Stemtech maintains its international headquarters in Florida and has European headquarters in France. The company is based at the following Florida address:

2010 NW 150th Avenue

Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

You can contact the company by phone at 954 715-6000 or by email at

The company has switched names a number of times in the past and it even changed its headquarters. It appears to have been around – in various forms – since around the year 2005. It has previously done business under the names Stem Health and Stem Health International. Notable names at the company include Steven Cooper, Ray Carter, and Jonathan Lester. You can view the complete management team here.

The official Stemtech “Our Story” page explains more about how the company came to fruition. The company’s first product, StemEnhance, was launched in 2005.

Should You Join Stemtech or Buy Stemtech Products?

Stemtech appears to be backed by more research than other multilevel marketing companies in the nutritional supplement niche. However, it suffers from many of the same problems as other MLMs, like a lack of human clinical trials, high prices (which consist mostly of commission payments going up the pyramid), and an overall scammy feel to the company’s marketing, where they toss around terms like “stem cell generation” and “adult stem cells in circulation” on fancy graphs without providing much information about how they achieved these figures.

Nevertheless, Stemtech is a relatively large international company with an active presence in dozens of countries around the world. It’s also a member of the Direct Selling Association. So as far as MLMs go, it’s a reputable organization. If you think you can make money by selling stem cell supplements to people, then Stemtech may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.