What is Kyäni?

Kyäni is a health company that focuses on growing both the health and the wealth of everyone involved with it. By selling some of the most effective health supplements on the market, Kyäni has been able to grow as a company and it uses this growth to help others grow their own finances.

Kyäni is based on the foundation of nutritional science in addition to building a solid financial platform for sellers through its MLM program.

Throughout its history, Kyäni has been recognized as a leader among supplements, due to its devotion to following the scientific method and being thorough when it comes to creating its supplements. As more advances in science and health are released, Kyäni is continuously adjusting its products to meet these new advances and provide the best for its customers. However, two things have remained consistent in Kyäni: Its dependence on using Wild Alaskan blueberries and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon to better the health of users.

The History of Kyäni

A family based business, Kyäni is led by the Hansen’s and the Taylors, often referred to as The Founding Families. Always interested in building family based businesses, the Founding Families had experience in real estate, hotels, and even convenience stores. However, as the world advanced, so did their interests and their use of technology and science to succeed.

Kyäni started when the Founding Families found out about the amazing benefits of two often overlooked superfoods: Wild Alaskan Blueberries and Salmon. They discovered that not only did these foods have amazing health benefits, they were also packed full of potent nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. Using this as their foundation, the Hansen’s and the Taylors founded Kyäni, in an effort to provide these amazing benefits to as many people as possible.

Based solely on the amazing benefits of Kyäni, the company grew and grew, beyond the wildest dreams of the Founding Families. However, it wasn’t enough for them to simply be successful themselves, they also wanted to share this success with as many people as possible. So, in addition to selling Kyäni from their own website, the Founding Families designed an MLM program to help those who wanted to create their own financial freedom. The program allows people to sell Kyäni products and make a profit for themselves. This concept perfectly matches perfectly with the Kyäni saying, ‘Experience More’.

Kyäni MLM Products

Kyäni has three main products that it sells on its website, each one a very popular supplement option for those who want to increase their vitamin and antioxidant consumption. The three products are referred to as Sunrise, Sunset, and Nitro.

While Kyäni offers packages that contain a combination of these three products, and Nitro has two subcategories, most customers will pick one of these products. Each one was designed to serve a very specific purpose and its ingredients represent these purposes.

Below is a brief overview of each of the Kyäni products and the purposes the serve. While each works amazingly well on its own, to get the most complete and extensive benefits from Kyäni, it’s best to use each one.

Kyäni Sunrise

While this supplement was first designed to be used in the morning, thus its name, many users have found that energy and focus it gives them something they can use throughout the day. However, the name has still stayed Sunrise, since it is the perfect supplement to get the day started, filled with nutrients and vitamins that provide vigor and motivation for the day.

Kyäni Sunrise contains 17 super foods and 9 essential vitamins, which is much more than similar products on the market. These super foods provide the nutritional needs of users. Not only is Sunrise extremely nutritional, it also contains Wild Alaskan Blueberries, which hold five times the amount of antioxidants that regular blueberries have. These blueberries help flush toxins from the body, as well as protect the cells in the body from damage. Blueberries have also been tied to a decrease in degenerative diseases.

While Wild Alaskan Blueberries are definitely the foundation of Kyäni Sunrise, the mixture also includes several other ingredients that provide the maximum bioavailability to the body.

These ingredients include:

  • -Pomegranate
  • -Red Raspberry
  • -Amla Berry
  • -Panax Gingseng

These amazing super foods give Sunrise the revitalizing nutrients that the body can use to stay healthy and energized.

Kyäni Sunrise comes in 30 one ounce pouches of liquid and sells for $49.95.

Kyäni Sunset

The second product in the Kyäni line is Sunset, which was created to be used in the evenings. The focus of this supplement is to give the body as many potent lipid-soluble nutrients as possible. These nutrients help the body absorb all the good things that are found in Sunset, like vitamins A, D, and E, as well as Omega-3.

Kyäni Sunset aids the body’s immune system, helping to protect it against bacteria and viruses that can put its system at risk and keeping the body at optimal health.

The foundation of Kyäni Sunset is Wild Alaskan Salmon, which is extremely rich in omega-3s. Not only is this known for keeping the body healthy, it’s also known to increase the health of the skin and hair, clearing the skin and making the hair stronger and shinier.

Overall, Kyäni Sunset takes care of all the important systems in the body, from the cellular system and cardiovascular system to the immune system.

A few of the nutrients that help Kyäni Sunset do this are:

  • -Vitamin E
  • -Omega-3s
  • -Beta Carotene (Vitamin A)
  • -Vitamin D

Kyäni Sunset comes in a bottle with 90 soft gels and sells for $43.95.

Kyäni Nitro

The third product in the Kyäni line is Kyäni Nitro, which comes in Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme. These supplements were created to help the body increase it nitric oxide levels. For those who aren’t aware of the many benefits of nitric oxide, it plays a vital role in keeping the heart healthy as well improving circulation, energy levels, and digestion.

Kyäni recognizes that to lead a truly healthy life, it’s extremely important to have a healthy heart. Without a robust heart, the entire body can begin shutting down. Kyäni created this supplement to help anyone who wants to protect their heart, but the company strongly recommends it to everyone who has a history of cardiovascular problems, whether personally or within the family.

Nitro FX

Kyäni Nitro FX is full of powerful nitrates that the body can utilize to naturally create nitric oxide. Due to nitric oxide being one of the most important signaling molecule in the body, its levels within the body need to be as healthy as possible.

Nitric oxide affects a wide range of issues within the body. It’s best known for supporting heart health, keeping the cardiovascular system running optimally. The nitric oxide found in Nitro FX also reduces inflammation throughout the body, increases cognitive function, aids in digestion, and keeps red blood cells healthy.

Kyäni Nitro FX comes in 56 milliliter bottles and sells for $65.95.

Nitro Xtreme

As suggested by its name, Kyäni Nitro Xtreme is a more potent version of Nitro FX. This supplement was created to specifically aid in improving stamina and increasing energy levels. Nitro Xtreme also helps with cognitive functions, improving memory, focus, and overall mental clarity in those who use the supplement.

While Nitro FX contains enough nitric oxide for the average person, for those who want to keep their bodies even healthier and improve their day to day lives, Nitro Xtreme is the perfect solution.

Nitro Xtreme also includes:

  • -CoQ10
  • -Magnesium
  • -Zinc
  • -Chromium
  • -Niacin

Kyäni Nitro Xtreme comes in 56 milliliter bottles and sells for $79.95.

Kyäni Multi-Level Marketing Program

As mentioned above, the Kyäni Company isn’t just focused on bringing the best supplements available the market, it also wants to provide opportunities to those who want to become financially independent and secure.

What makes the Kyäni MLM program so unique when compared to others like it is that with Kyäni, there are no volume blockages. Combined with no breakaway restrictions, the Kyäni compensation plan gives users unlimited potential, with their earning potential only being restricted by how much they want to work or how much they want to earn.

And, Kyäni isn’t at all stingy with its bonuses. Below is a quick overview of the Kyäni rank bonuses.

  • Emerald Rank Bonus (Achieve Emerald and maintain for 1 month): $5,000
  • Blue Diamond Bonus (Achieve Blue Diamond and maintain for 2 months): $25,000
  • Purple Diamond Bonus (Achieve Purple Diamond and maintain for 2 months): $100,000
  • Double Red Diamond (Achieve Double Red Diamond and maintain for 2 months): $500,000

To learn more about Kyäni and its MLM program, visit its official website at Kyani.net.