A marketing company founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global specializes in health supplements and anti-aging creams and serums. Based in the United States, Jeunesse not only sells beauty and skincare products, it also has an affiliate and network marketing system that allows others to earn money by selling their products.

Due to the success of this marketing system, Jeunesse has opened offices across the world, which has made them more equipped to aid customers and affiliates all over the globe.

The Story of Jeunesse

As mentioned above, Jeunesse was created by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Both of them had achieved remarkable success in separate enterprises and had gone into retirement. However, in September of 2009, they both left retirement to follow the dream of launching Jeunesse.

Jeunesse was built around the goal of providing quality youth enhancement products to as many people as possible. This required Ray and Lewis to research and find the best products possible. When they had discovered that the products they were selling were extremely successful, the second part of Jeunesse was born, network marketing.

Ray and Lewis knew how difficult it was to get ahead in this world. They had, after all, worked full careers before founding Jeunesse. Because they recognized this struggle, their goal for the marketing part of Jeunesse was based on two things: Selling products that actually work and creating the most rewarding compensation plan in the history of the direct selling industry. By combining these two powerful points, Jeunesse has grown into a global powerhouse.

Currently, thousands of people are finding success working with Jeunesse. This is done through an innovative global platform, industry-leading technology, and advanced products, all supported by thorough training.

Jeunesse Global Products

The foundation of Jeunesse is its product lines. Currently, Jeunesse has six separate categories, each one containing different products. The quality of these products is what makes Jeunesse so successful today.

Each product that Jeunesse Global offers is created through extensive research, so that users know they’re getting the most effective and highest-quality products possible. This makes the selling portion of the affiliates program easier, allowing affiliates to sell their products quickly, making the most profit possible.

Below is a brief list of the Jeunesse Global product lines.

Jeunesse’s Skin Care Products

  • Instantly Ageless

Aids in fighting wrinkles, fine lines, under eye bags, and minimizing the appearance of pores. Also lifts and tones skin.

  • Luminesce

A skincare line made up of six products that work to give back vitality and radiance to the skin. While hydrating and creating softer skin, this line also works to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, smooth out skin, and restore a brightness to the skin.

Jeunesse’s Nutritional Supplements:

  • AM Essentials and PM Essentials

These two supplements provide the body with the minerals and vitamins it needs to be as healthy as possible. Because the needs of the body change throughout the day, these supplements have been designed to meet the specific needs of the body in the morning (AM Essentials) and the evening (PM Essentials). Each supplement is sold separately.

  • Finiti

Finiti is one of the dietary supplements offered by Jeunesse. Made from a specific and proprietary blend of powerful fruit and vegetable extracts, Finiti offers a healthy alternative for those who want to lose weight in a timely manner.

  • Zen Bodi

Zen Bodi is a well-rounded, complete weight management system made up of capsules, protein shakes, and amino acid drinks, represented by Zen Fit, Zen Shape, and Zen Pro. By offering everything the body needs to lose weight and gain strength, Zen Bodi makes it easy to make one purchase before getting started on the weight loss journey.

  • Reserve

Reserve is an antioxidant fruit blend that helps combat damage in the body caused by free radicals. Reserve is made from a blend of super fruits, all mixed together for the purpose of providing the body the antioxidants it needs to fight toxins in the body. This blend supports wellness and health, and because it’s flavored by berries, it contains no added sugar.

Jeunesse’s Energy Drink

  • Nevo

Nevo is an energy drink that comes in four distinct flavors. Each can of Nevo is made with real fruit juice, meaning it’s very low in calories, about 50 per can. Nevo uses natural sources to provide healthy energy to the body. It also has no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, making it one of the healthiest energy drinks on the market.

Joining Jeunesse Global

While the products of Jeunesse Global are what give the company such a strong foundation, it’s the marketing program of Jeunesse that has really helped it grow to be so successful. Because Jeunesse recognizes that everyone is different and will have a different approach to selling these products, it has created a multitude of options.

Distributors for Jeunesse are able to make enough money to be supportive income in one of six ways. These six options are offered to any new member and are explained in detail so everyone is working at the level they feel comfortable. In addition to these six income generation options, there are also 15 levels of achievement for which sellers can aspire. Each level offers amazing rewards and financial compensation.

However, what really sets Jeunesse apart is how hands on the company is with helping its people succeed. Jeunesse Global calls these ‘perks’, however, they are extreme benefits that are often thought to be behind the success of the company.

These perks include:

  • -Amazing products
  • -Personal websites
  • -Business tools
  • -24/7 training
  • -Social media resources
  • -A personal business app
  • -Financial security
  • -More free time
  • -Freedom
  • -Luxury vacations
  • -Close bonds and relationships
  • -Events and celebrations

In addition to these amazing benefits, Jeunesse also has a strong commitment to giving back to the community. The company has created a partnership with Free the Children, which helps provide education, healthcare, and water to people throughout the world.

While distributers have complete control over how involved they want to be with the Jeunesse Global philanthropy side, they are strongly encouraged to take part in one of their projects. This helps keep the focus of the entire company on not just selling great products and building strong financial futures for members, but on creating a better world for everyone.

Jeunesse Global can be joined from its website. There is also more information on the website that breaks down the different options as well as the financial benefits and luxury rewards offered with the program. In an effort to be completely transparent, Jeunesse Global also puts their income disclosure on the website so anyone who is interested can get a clear vision of how they can grow financially in the company.