iTravelParty Review

A friend of mine recently became a stay at home mom. Since she had her baby she’s been on the hunt for a work from home job. So of course she took to Google to learn about different ways to generate income from home.


I won’t lie I’ve run into countless scams in the past decade but I wanted to see what someone today, in 2016, encounters when she starts out fresh. So I did the same Google search myself and this is what I found.

I know she encountered those ads that almost seem “too good to be true” and I did too. But so many people just cross their fingers anyways hoping it might work out. But then it doesn’t so they’re back to the research. They stumble upon different companies that claim to offer people easy ways to earn cash. Some of them are certainly real. However they might include the following:

  • Start-Up Costs
  • Monthly Fees
  • Cold Calling
  • Sales

iTravelParty contains none of these.

The Company

I’ve run into them before, but iTravelParty is a company I recently did some fresh digging into. The website is plastered with palm trees, blue skies, and clear oceans. It definitely made me wish I was on a beach. There was not a whole lot of information but basically the company is a private discount travel business. It prides itself on offering the average person affordable travel costs and everything else travel related. This could include stuff like:

  • Rental Cars
  • Hotels
  • Cruises
  • Entertainment
  • Theme Parks

The people at iTravelParty believe that everyone should see the world and indulge in new experiences. I think it’s safe to say most of us want that opportunity too. So to help people be able to afford and also have time to travel they have created a system for travelers to earn money.

Since it is a private wholesale booking agency it means you must be a member to use its resources.


The Product

Membership is the main product here. The membership page consists of several flashy lists like:

  • 500,000 Hotels Worldwide
  • Event Tickets
  • Theme Park Tickets
  • Many More Benefits and Savings
  • City Tours and Excursions
  • Car Rentals at Thousand of Locations
  • Over 7,000 Resorts in 100 Countries
  • Save Up to 30% Off Cruises
  • Airfare on ALL major Airlines
  • Plus More Benefits and Savings

…all inviting customers to get their savings and vacation on. It felt pretty generic to me. But then I continued scrolling and found there was a neat video depicting the differences between retail and wholesale pricing and sales. It demonstrates how to perform searches for the best deals using iTravelParty, and it does show some significant savings.

The other membership option is entrepreneurial VIP, which means members will receive wholesale pricing through the “JET” Wholesale Booking engine. They have the choice to earn money by selling which potentially means they may wind up earning a trip for free or even better: generating a consistent income.

The Opportunity

The compensation brochure for iTravelParty is distracting. There are plenty of lovely pictures of Disney world and exotic animals. But it didn’t offer much about how the system works. Instead it offered a few statistics about how much money the travel industry makes.

I did learn that the company’s goal is to sell Travel Party Memberships. If you become a member you are entitled to the companies perks. Then you can earn money by one or both of the following:

  • Retail Commission
  • Recruiting New Members
  • Retail commission is 40% for Tourist Subscriptions sales which cost $199 each

And as for recruiting commission it is rewarded after recruiting six members. Then you earn yourself $800 and can start all over again. If you are selling you can expect to be paid monthly and supposedly will receive bonuses over time.


The Verdict

If you are absolutely in no way shape or form a salesperson, this is a big no for you. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great to have the access to discounted travel. But most people just don’t do it enough.

If you love to travel and consider yourself a sales person then I’d say go for it. This could definitely work for motivated sellers and avid travelers if they’re willing to spend some money to begin with.