High Traffic Academy

More than 800,000 businesses are started each year in the USA and Canada.  That’s a hotbed of entrepreneurship, making the market for business coaching ripe with opportunity.  There’s no shortage of small business coaching services, including those offered by governmental agencies.

So when one like High Traffic Academy (HTA) comes around, I take notice.

That’s because this company offers specialized services for people working in the network marketing arena, and they do it well.  You get not only premium marketing education services but it also geared toward the network marketing community.  Interested?  Read on.

High Traffic Academy, the Company

Based in California and London, High Traffic Authority is headed by Vick Strizheus.  Mr. Strizheus is a 20-something father of 4 living in South Dakota.  He founded not only HTA but also Global Success Club, another traffic-driving membership-based business.

In addition, he founded Internet Traffic Formula and Big Idea Mastermind.  Both are highly successful teams under the Empower Network system, driven by the mentorship of Mr. Strizheus.  He was at one point the top income earner within the entire Empower Network, earning over $700,000 in just 28 days.

Hence, he is known as a very successful powerhouse in the network marketing industry.  In his own right, he commands a very high price for online business coaching.

He offers private coaching starting at $5000 for one 2-hour session.  He’ll spend a full day helping you with your business, at a rate of $20,000.  He’ll even take over your product launch for you for $100,000 + 10%  royalty.

This company is fully the brainchild of Vick Strizheus, but it appears he intends to branch out and hire a team to help him out (the website has a section for “Coaches”, as of yet undeveloped).  Josh Roaché currently offers some of the training modules.

The HTA 3.0 platform was launched today (October 15, 2015).  It brings with it the new Master Marketer level, offering even more than the existing Elite level.

High Traffic Academy, the Programs & Why They Shine

Launching a small business is not easy.  Entrepreneurs need to be good at lots of things, not the least of which is marketing.  Be ready to spend long hours on the many aspects of marketing, and for MLM-ers that comes to mean mainly online marketing.

The major aspects of online marketing come with an especially steep learning curve, meaning if you’re not proficient at them from the get-go, your business is off to a slow start.

Enter High Traffic Academy, which offers training in Pay-Per Click, Retargeting, and core aspects of online marketing.  PPC in particular is noted for being hard to master, by anybody’s account.

The training is delivered via online video modules.

  • Core Training with Vick Strizheus. ($1997 annually)
  • PPC Mastery with Josh Roache ($497 annually)
  • Retargeting Google Adwords with Josh Roache. ($297 annually)

Program in Detail: Core Training

Here are the modules in the High Traffic Authority Core Training program.  Each module contains several video presentations by Vick.

  1. Capture Mastery.  This spells out the basics of landing pages, autoresponders, and tracking systems for capturing leads. Includes an overview of the theories so you really understand what’s behind these techniques.
  2. Traffic Mastery.  Various traffic sources for your website.
  3. Conversion Mastery.  How to increase conversion from your list.  Includes how to maintain good relationships with people on your email list by motivating them to come back to your website again and again for more quality content.
  4. Advanced.  Here, as in any quality college course, everything is tied together, summarized, and analyzed for an in-depth understanding of online marketing techniques.  Includes SEO techniques, YouTube intro, and strategies for generating even more traffic based on what you already have.

Program in Detail: Retargeting Google Adwords

Retargeting is an industry term referring to redirecting previous visitors back to your site at a later date.  The idea here is: they came to your site but didn’t stay long or didn’t buy anything or give their email or whatever it is you’re trying to have them do.

With retargeting, you have the ability to try and capture them to return to your site, by advertising to them when they’re on other websites.  This is known to vastly improve conversion rates.

There are five modules in this program.  They are:

  1. Bird’s Eye View (an intro to retargeting)
  2. Getting Started
  3. Audience Lists & Custom Combinations (set up lists and exclude or include users depending on their behavior while on your site: awesome!)
  4. Getting Your Marketing Collateral Together (honing your message)
  5. Building Your First Campaign (set up a campaign, including content)

Retargeting is certainly something that comes with a steep learning curve.  It’s not only multi-faceted but also highly specific in terms of what works and what doesn’t.  These modules are expertly crafted and delivered in easy-to-understand terminology that’s not only highly informative but also extremely motivational as well.

Program in Detail: PPC Mastery

Pay-Per-Click has long had the reputation of being very hard to learn.  It’s also an expensive education when you’re learning by doing because “doing” means spending money on clicks.

Therefore, you need to make as few mistakes as possible right from the start, since your clicks budget can go through the roof with just a few trial-and-error mistakes. HTA’s PPC Mastery covers even the most advanced nuances of PPC, as well as the elementary principles you’ll need to get started.

I’ve seen a lot of supposed PPC tutorials, but this is more than a mere tutorial: it’s a whole program and it’s done very well.  There are seven whole modules in this program.  Within each module, there are several videos (I told you it was complicated!).  They are:

  1. Bird’s Eye View
  2. Build Your First Campaign
  3. Ready, Set…Go!
  4. Keyword Mastery
  5. Quality Scores
  6. Ad Extensions (add more text, phone number, links and more to your ads)
  7. Flexible Bidding Strategies (automated bidding for larger campaigns)

The Products

In addition to their marketing education programs, HTA also offers marketing tools through membership.  These include classic online marketers’ toolkit items like:

  • real time email validation (validate the emails you get in the fly on your website)
  • remote server providers
  • tracking and split testing
  • transcription services
  • video tools
  • web video players
  • website hosting
  • blogs

What to look for in marketing education programs (and why HTA excels)

Business coaching and education programs can set you back several thousands of dollars even for just a few sessions.  While money shouldn’t be your only consideration, it’s good to know you don’t necessarily have to spend that much to learn the essentials of online marketing.

Quality programs offer the consumer a way to wade into the waters slowly, with minimal commitment.  Should they find the programs or products are not for them, there’s an easy out.

In addition to simply purchasing the products or services, HTA offers three levels of membership.  They are:

  1. Elite Mastermind. (a subscription that costs $297 per month).
  2. Master Marketer (new with HTA 3.0). This level offers you access to everything HTA has to offer, including all three programs (PPC Mastery, Retargeting, and the Core program).  It’s basically Elite + the 3 specialty programs (PPC Mastery etc).
  3. Certified Partner.

Each level unlocks specialized training exclusive to that group, as well as upgraded customer service.

HTA Policies

High Traffic Academy operates under a solid code of ethics and as such offers a 30-day refund policy.  That’s impressive, since many digital product companies do not offer this, given the nature of digital products (once you’re in, you’re in!).  Digital products are typically deemed “used” the instant they’re accessed.

They also offer the ability to cancel membership at any time.

Who benefits from these programs & products?

New entrepreneurs can easily become overwhelmed by on-the-fly problem-solving and long hours spent learning the basics of the many ways to drive traffic, get leads, and close deals.

HTA can help streamline the process of it all by offering shortcuts for everything from building a list to making sure that list is well-managed, to closing deals spun from that list.

In addition, new entrepreneurs can get bogged down in daily operations of marketing, forgetting to focus on strategic initiatives.  By skipping the tough learning curve of online marketing, they stay focused on what’s important.  HTA offers small business owners help with closing the gap between setting goals and making sure they accomplish them.

It’s pretty clear that High Traffic Authority is a boon to online entrepreneurs.  Their programs cover the most difficult aspects of online marketing extensively, with in-depth coverage of not only the “how” but also the”why”.  This gives members not only the means to conduct successful marketing campaigns but also the knowledge to grow their business on their own terms.

Like a college education, it’s a platform for long-term and continued success rather than merely some skills-based training.  I guess I’d say this is the Master’s Degree of online marketing, whereas other companies offer just a simple high school diploma.