A Review of Empower Network: Making a Difference in Blogging, Marketing, and Training Systems for 2016

It has been quite some time since I have been this electrified and so excited about the many changes that are occurring within and around Empower Network.

It is no secret that we had the best times of our lives in April 2013 when Google Trends showed Empower Network reaching its peak after steadily rising to the top of the multi-billion dollar online marketing industry.

Everyone knows how we all started.

However, after that peak, everything started to change. The momentum and motivation that we enjoyed in the first two years of our operation simply vanished into thin air. We do not know how it started but we do know when. And, we can only describe what happened next.

After the much-hyped blogging event in Chicago in April of 2013 dubbed the Blog Beast, everything just went spiraling much like a fighter plane being shot down from the sky. Everyone was leaving Empower Network. From David Wood’s right hand man to the organization’s top and second income earners, everything was just falling apart.

However, it was really foolish to think that Empower Network was doomed to fail because we are still here, very much relevant and still in the thick of things to be even better this time around.

Don’t trust us? Read on and we will tell you why Empower Network is really on the comeback.

The Birth of Empower Network

It was in October 2011 when David Wood and David Sharpe finally realized their vision of creating a company that allowed individuals to use blogging as a unique experience and a tool for generating income.

The company has enticed close to 190,000 affiliates in less than three years, paying more than 80 million USD in commissions. Their success was closely attributed to their meticulous process of finding an answer to the problem of building the wealthiest and most powerful network of online entrepreneurs in the world. They knew that the power and reach of the internet should be maximized to the fullest by having a dedicated marketing website. Thus, Empower Network produced a hosted blogging platform that made it very easy for affiliates to write and post blogs.

The company has always been primarily motivated to provide individuals the means to build a business while having a life. That dream never died. In fact, it is what has kept Empower Network alive through all the turmoil that occurred after that 2013 Blog Beast fiasco.

But just how did they survive the fall, you may be inclined to ask.

The Rebirth

It was Chris Jones’ Internet Prospecting Acceleration System, or iPAS that provided the lifeline for Wood’s ailing Empower Network. In fact, it was this unique and highly prized marketing system that provided the foundation or platform upon which Empower Network’s array of products, platforms, and trainings found perfect fit.

So, while David Wood was busy restricting the company’s corporate team and reviewing, revising, and reinventing Empower Network’s vision, mission, and values from inside out, the iPAS was slowly proving its mettle in helping the beleaguered company to make a full 180-degree turnaround.

It was this ingenious marriage between Jones’ iPAS marketing platform and Wood’s Empower Network products that gave rise to the renewed enthusiasm in the ability and capability of the newly rebranded Empower Network to fully realize its aims in the digital marketing industry.

And this is what is making people – both long-time affiliates and new ones – truly excited and electrified about the prospect of more bountiful harvests in the near future.

What the Future Holds

Empower Network has had the experience and the correct people to steer it again to glory and prestige that they gained in the many months following their official launch in 2011. Their idea then was to create, build, and grow an online business opportunity that is based on blogging. They once believe that by empowering others, they can build a thriving and very transforming community from inside out and from the ground up.

They believed that then. They still believe it now. And they will keep on believing in it for many more decades to come.

The future of Empower Network is now focused on sharing the most profitable, well-proven, business ideas and state-of-the-art digital marketing solutions to everyone who is serious in wanting to make a name for himself in the field of online marketing. The company also believes that recognized change catalysts can make a significant impact in being successful as an online marketer.

The Power of Empower Network, Now

Empower Network, after that setback in 2013, is now more invigorated, more motivated to clearly provide you with the best possible solutions to your online marketing needs. Essentially a program that has several components or memberships, Empower Network provides its members with the correct and well-proven tools needed to become successful in the online marketing of their products and services.

The information obtained from any of these learning resources can be used as invaluable tools to help you successfully promote and market products in the internet and specifically on your blog site. While this may appeal to you in the long run, you might want to consider Empower Network’s affiliate program. Affiliates can get as much as 100 percent commission on membership sales. This has clearly been the bread and butter of many affiliates all over the world. However, do take note that there are close to 200,000 affiliates already marketing Empower Network’s many products and memberships.

The Power to Earn

Compared to other companies, Empower Network carries on a host of different digital products that are known as memberships. These memberships allow even the greenest of newbies to be taught on how to effectively and successfully promote and market products and services on the internet.

What’s more, because the products are digital, Empower Network can readily give 100 percent commission to their affiliates. This has been perhaps one of the major reasons why Empower Network has been credited at producing more numbers of top income earners in a significantly shorter period of time compared to other companies in the industry.

The Time is Right

As a game-changer in 2011, Empower Network is again on the rise. It has now fully matured to become one of the world’s pioneering leaders in internet-based income-generating businesses and enterprises.

Why would you want to join Empower Network now? For starters, just consider the following:

  • A reinvigorated management that knows exactly what needs to be done
  • A window of opportunity at a time of increased online marketing activity
  • A history of trend-setting in the industry of online marketing
  • A unique set of 5-core and 1-specialty product lineup
  • A penchant for giving 100% commission to affiliates
  • A trusted and proven system that will save you time, money, and energy

Truly, now is the right time for you to join Empower Network. With topnotch management who will provide you with all the tools you will ever need to become successful in your online marketing career as well as unique and very innovative products, would you not be excited as well to jump in?

The Complete Empower Network Products Line

Empower Network currently has five core and one specialty products, called memberships, that are uniquely and purposely designed to empower you in your digital marketing efforts. These products have been carefully created and meticulously developed with you in mind so that you will be equipped with the right knowledge and the appropriate technical skills to be successful in your efforts to promote services and products, be it in online or offline marketing channels.

These core and specialty products are a celebration of Empower Network’s penchant for providing cutting edge digital marketing tools to make your marketing activities easier and breezier than a Sunday walk in the park. Best of all, becoming an affiliate of Empower Network and subsequently purchasing any of our core or specialty products or memberships, you also earn the right to a 100 percent commission when you do decide to retail the product/s.

Let us now take a closer look at what Empower Network’s products or memberships can do for you and whether it will be just the right tool for your digital marketing needs.

  • Core Product No. 1 – The Kalatu Basic Blogging System

Empower Network’s all-in-one blogging solution, the Kalatu Basic Blogging System, is the only blogging platform that you will ever need to start on the wonderful, exciting, and equally challenging world of blogging. The Kalatu boasts of easy-to-use capture pages that have been optimized to convert every visitor that ultimately lands on your blog. Each page has been carefully optimized to capture all the essential visitor information to allow you to convert them into leads and eventually as customers for the variety of products and services that you have to offer.

What’s in it for you? Being a newbie to the world of blogging, you may feel so overwhelmed with all the techno-babble that is often associated with the design, creation, development, and maintenance of a blogging website. You may also find difficulty looking for a credible and reliable web hosting solution to keep your website up and running in no time at all. Just designing your website can take a significant amount of your time as well as other resources that could be otherwise directed to other more productive uses or purposes.

These concerns are well addressed by Empower Network’s Kaluta Basic Blogging System. As you will also be receiving five high quality and very informative instructional video on how you can start your blogging the safe and sure way to ensure blogging success and turn your blog into a very profitable endeavor, we have already taken care of the nitty-gritty work for you.  The Kaluta blogging platform will simply make the whole website design and development process a much easier and more fun way to execute.

And as we have pointed out earlier, every product or membership that you are affiliated with, you can retail the Kaluta Basic Blogging System giving you additional income.

What you need to know: Take note that the Kaluta Basic Blogging System is just that, basic. So, it will not necessarily send your blog site soaring into the first few organic search pages of the world’s major search engines. If you are after higher rankings in major search engines, then it will be a good idea to invest in another website that has a more SEO-friendly theme. However, you do have to understand that doing so will cost you more and that you need to devote some of your time and energy in designing and developing this particular website.

How much will it cost you?:  The Kaluta Basic Blogging System can be yours for a low monthly fee of just 25 USD. It already comes free with the five training videos to help you start your blogging success.

Is it right for you?: Considering that Empower Network’s viral blogging system is offering you the opportunity to get the hang of blogging, which can become a significant stepping stone to more complex and more productive blogging platforms, and the means to earn extra on the side at the same time, makes the Kaluta Basic Blogging System a true bargain at just 25 USD.

While there are other free blogging platforms available, nothing can beat the flexibility of Empower Network’s viral blogging system in that it allows you to promote or sell products and services as an affiliate. This greatly monetizes your blog which can be a great way to start a highly profitable blogging endeavor.

  • Core Product No. 2 – The Inner Circle Audios

Being successful requires the correct mindset with the correct aptitude to go with the correct knowledge and skills necessary for digital sales and marketing success. At Empower Network, we believe that the proper mindset can be properly and adequately achieved if the correct motivation can be provided. And who is better equipped to provide such motivation than the countless top performers of Empower Network themselves?

The Inner Circle Audios gives you access to audiobooks as well as audiocasts delivered by the top earners and best performing individuals of Empower Network’s inner circle, some of whom are earning up to 100,000 USD a month. The product is full of inspiring audios that are meant to do only one thing – inspire and motivate you to become a successful digital entrepreneur.

What’s in it for you?:  The Inner Circle Audios will keep you inspired and be really motivated to do your best in everything that you seek to do. As the content are refreshed every two weeks, you can be sure to gain more and more understanding of the essential elements of success and how you can translate these in your digital marketing activities.

Furthermore, these audios are designed to keep on motivating you with simple yet very effective tips on managing some of the common, yet very challenging, problems many of today’s digital marketers face that make them feel disheartened and lose focus on what needs to be done. By getting the correct mindset and attitude straight from the people who have become successful going through the same path as you are now, you will eventually find yourself more and more confident about the future direction of your online business.

What makes Empower Network’s Inner Circle Audios really awesome? Well, for starters, you can download and listen to them anytime on your smartphone or any device that has access to the internet.

And like what we have said earlier, being an Empower Network affiliate you have the right to retail the Inner Circle Audios and gain some extra income in the process.

What you need to know: From the name of our product itself – Inner Circle Audios – it is limited to the inspirational and motivational stories and messages of Empower Network’s own group of top performing digital marketing geniuses. So, if you are expecting an audio of some of the world’s foremost and well-known motivational and inspirational speakers in the field of marketing, then you might just be disappointed.

Nonetheless, the principles of developing a healthy and successful mindset are something that is universal. The only difference is how such principles can be applied in certain situations or life circumstances. And this is what Empower Networks’ Inner Circle Audios clearly provide. The mere fact that you are here now means that you are very much interested in making a successful digital marketing career with Empower Network as a partner. Being your partner, you need guidance and inspiration from the same people who have gone through the same circumstances as you are now, and ultimately became successful.

How much will it cost you?:  Empower Network’s Inner Circle Audios can be yours for 100 USD per month.

Is it right for you?: While many digital marketers are simply content on promoting and marketing their online businesses just for the sake of marketing and promotion, without much thought as to how it should be done, you, on the other hand, will have the correct frame of mind to see things through. Listening to the Inner Circle audios will give you the motivation and the inner desire to really strive to do only the best that you can to succeed in this line of business.

  • Core Product No. 3 – Top Producer Formula

While a basic blogging platform can get you started with your online business with relative ease and the twice-monthly motivational audios can inspire you to have a positive mindset in seeking your own success, you will still need adequate, step-by-step instruction in order to fully realize your mission to be a successful online entrepreneur.

Initially known as the Costa Rica Intensive, Empower Network’s Top Producer Formula is a series of video-based modules that are delivered by none other than Empower Network’s CEO, Dave Wood. These modules contain specific instructions as well as tips, tricks, and techniques that will bring out the productivity in you in order to become productively successful in any industry or company or even opportunity that you might get yourself into.

Top Producer Formula features thirteen uniquely different topics but are so related to one another that it is but fitting and proper to call the entire set of modules as the single most effective formula to becoming a top producer or to becoming a very productive individual or entrepreneur.

  • Module 1 talks about sponsoring and selling
  • Module 2 deals with beliefs and attitudes
  • Module 3 presents lead capture pages
  • Module 4 is all about mechanics and strategy
  • Module 5 builds on rapport, responsiveness, and relationships
  • Module 6 discusses about the generation of highly-targeted leads
  • Module 7 talks about closing and signing people on the telephone
  • Module 8 presents the need to upsell and to get people all in
  • Module 9 is all about presentation formula
  • Module 10 talks about recruiting strategy during live internet events
  • Module 11 deals with recruiting sales strategy during live local events
  • Module 12 discusses the creation of live groups
  • Module 13 is all about painting a vision for the future

Each of these video modules is carefully developed to include relevant and highly effective study guides. The Top Producer product comes with an integrated solution to allow you to take down notes while immersing yourself in the richness of the instructional video.

It also comes with eleven high-quality videos from the Costa Rica live event in 2011 just before the official launching of the company. These videos offer great opportunities to learn and easily understand the concepts, principles, and techniques that are presented in the 13 video instructional modules.

What’s in it for you?: Empower Network’s Top Producer is a collection of all the techniques and concepts that are essential in ensuring entrepreneurial success. Coming straight from Empower Network’s CEO, credited with over 150 million USD worth of sales for the company in just 4 eventful years, you will learn the tricks of the trade and how you can be successful, too.

The product comes with an in-depth, but very easy-to-understand, presentation on the dynamics and the mechanics of marketing activities. Marketing dynamics talk about the psychology and the process that is involved in the art of marketing.  Marketing mechanics deals more with the technical aspects of marketing. This includes driving traffic into your business and how this can be achieved.

With this product you will be able to fully understand the importance of leadership, persuasion, authority-building, and automation together with the more technical aspects of being a successful entrepreneur.

What you need to know: While the product is a direct result of the 2011 live event in Costa Rica, its four-year age does not discount the fact that the principles are still very much applicable and highly relevant in today’s very competitive digital marketing industry.

How much will it cost you?: For a one-time payment of only 500 USD you can be assured that you will get all the necessary information you require in order to be a very productive individual or entrepreneur in anything that you will be involved with. This already comes with the 11 videos during the Costa Rica launching in 2011.

Is it right for you?: Just learning from the same person who generated more than 150 million USD in just four years since its official launch should be enough reason to ask yourself what is it in this guy that makes him so successful. Learning the techniques and strategies that are still very relevant today can help you gain better leverage on your digital marketing activities.

  • Core Product No. 4 – Team Building Formula

A successful business enterprise, whether online or offline, requires a good set of products and services to be promoted, marketed, and sold by a dedicated and committed team. That is why Empower Network developed the Team Building Formula specifically to teach you how to sell high-commission, high-value products as well as how to effective build a team. The Team Building Formula is a collection of 9 leadership-level modules and webinars. These modules can be readily accessed from your back office to be replayed anytime.

  • Module 1 is all about your outcome, the teaching system, and expectations
  • Module 2 talks about the core concepts you need to understand to build the business
  • Module 3 discusses the law on duplication as one of the principles of team building
  • Module 4 continues with the other principles of team building
  • Module 5 builds on the law of momentum and tap root as a team building principle
  • Module 6 talks about the laws of belief, building dreams, and having a vision
  • Module 7 presents your team activity system
  • Module 8 describes proven formulas for team building
  • Module 9 dedicates a full session to solving problems using team building formulas

What’s in it for you?:  Team Building Formula can help you sell higher ticket products to your existing customers by giving you the correct tools, tips, and tricks of the trade to sport a high commission mindset, get attention from your existing clients, and overcome client rejections. All of these are shared with you by Empower Network’s CEO, Dave Wood, and iPAS2’s founder, Chris Jones to make sure that your business endeavors will be successful.

What you need to know:  While the one-time payment may be viewed as a major drawback, the value of learning from two of the industry’s masters of high ticket sales more than makes up for it. This is none truer than if you are already reaping the rewards of your labor by applying the techniques, tips, and tricks provided in the Team Building Formula modules and webinars.

How much will it cost you?: Empower Network’s Team Building Formula is available for a one-time payment of only 1,000 USD. With that, you can already start on your journey towards making a fortune out of high ticket products.

Is it right for you?: While you may not see the value now, but one of the essential things any serious online entrepreneur has to think is about how to expand his business, not by getting new customers, but by building on his existing client base to get into the high ticket product mentality.

  • Core Product No. 5  – Mass Influence Formula

Mass Influence Formula is Empower Network’s collection of high-value, very informative, and highly-useful training videos that are designed to effectively market your business as well as to generate more leads and convert them into loyal customers and patrons. The trainings have been designed by Empower Network’s own top-level earners and marketers so you are assured that the information you get will be nothing less than based on first-hand experience.

  • Module 1 defines mass influence
  • Module 2 talks about beliefs about people
  • Module 3 discusses the unconscious phenomenon
  • Module 4 presents the framework of language suggestions
  • Modules 5 to 8 describes the different patterns of linguistic influence

What’s in it for you?: Mass Influence Formula is all about bringing more traffic into your online business so that you will have more opportunities to turn them into leads then rightfully converted into customers. This will literally translate to a more robust and very productive online business for you.

The online strategies are matched by their offline counterparts to further enhance the exposure of your business. The whole package will take you to the step-by-step process of bringing in more customers for your business.

What you need to know: The Mass Influence Formula is steeply priced which may be quite difficult for everyone to get. However, for those who are very serious in becoming successful in online marketing, the price is a bargain compared to the value that you will get in the long run.

How much will it cost you?: The Mass Influence Formula can be had in a one-time payment of 3,500 USD.

Is it right for you?: Price point aside, this is perhaps one of the most cutting-edge marketing solution ever to come out in the online marketing industry. So, if you really are serious about making an empire out of your online business, Empower Network’s Mass Influence Formula will truly be a diamond in the rough.

  • Specialty Product – Unstoppable Dream

Aptly named, the Unstoppable Dream is a celebration of the achievements of two of Empower Network’s most prolific female earners and high-performing internet marketing leaders. The product showcases the techniques used by both Rhonda Swan Tracey Walker in growing a business as well as creating, establishing, and growing a ‘tribe’ that you can use to leverage your business’ position in today’s highly competitive market. This also allows you to last significantly longer than competition.

The product contains highly-specific details on how you can sell as well as to apply specific and concrete actionable and game-changing tactics and strategies to boost your business. It contains a lot of insight on good leadership and the value of personal development necessary to become an expert in any given target market.

What’s in it for you?: The Unstoppable Dream provides you with all the correct tools and strategies to make sure that you target the correct market for your business. With the Unstoppable Dream specialty product, you are given the opportunity to boost the profitability of your blogging endeavors.

Although you will be paying a one-time fee for the product, you can actually resell it for a remarkable 50 percent commission. This means that once you are able to resell it twice, you already have gained your investment. If you keep on reselling it, then it can turn into a source of considerable revenue on your part.

What you need to know: The product is a little bit steeply-priced for an instructional video on how you can effectively monetize your blog. Nonetheless, the first-hand information and techniques used by two of Empower Network’s most prolific earners may well justify the price. However, you have to make sure to have patience in watching the videos as it can be quite long.

How much will it cost you?: The Unstoppable Dream video package can be had for a one-time payment of 997 USD.

Is it right for you?: For those who are serious in creating an online business enterprise, the Unstoppable Dream product can be a valuable tool in learning the ropes of the trade. Gaining some momentum in your business can really help a lot in seeing you take off to greater heights.

Ready to Join Empower Network Business Opportunity?

You really do not need to think hard and long. Now is the time for you to come aboard and join Empower Network’s truly unique programs that are sure to provide you with the best tools in the business to help you get started with blogging and digital marketing.

We are pretty confident that, just like the resilience and unparalleled persistence and commitment of Dave and Chris in seeing their internet babies grow into full bloom, you can also benefit from the many experiences – both positive and negative – of the men and women, performers and top-earners all, of Empower Network to show you the neat tricks and tips including best-in-the-business tactics, techniques, and strategies.

For more information on the complete product lineup inside Empower Network and the new compensation plan frequently asked questions section, please visit EmpowerNetwork.org

To fully maximize the profitability of your online marketing endeavors, be sure to get in touch with one of our topnotch make money experts and you will receive not only practical tips but also invaluable advice on how you can apply these techniques to your online business today.