Digital Altitude by Michael Force is easily one of the best business opportunities of 2016 that wants to elevate aspiring digital entrepreneurs, marketers and dreams to reach higher to ‘ascension’. Let’s take a look at why so many entrepreneurs and marketers are jumping on the bandwagon of the hottest e-Learning MLM company of the year.

Digital Altitude Review

Digital Altitude’s Aspire is an online training system that promises to teach anyone how to make 6 figures a month running their own business. What’s the secret code? Read our Aspire review to find out what Michael Force (founder, speak, author, father, husband, Marine) and his high ticket “Clients For Life Coaches” program has to offer.

The entire theme around Digital Altitude can be summed up with the 15 year business expert’s favorite quote, “it’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

What is Aspire?

Digital Altitude’s Aspire foundational product is an online business training program created by Michael Force. Michael claims that he had a corporate job that was earning him just $700 per month. He left that corporate job, started his own business, and he’s now making “well over 6-figures a month”.

Now, with Aspire, he wants to teach you how to enjoy the same career trajectory and “make the type of income most people dream of.”

Michael’s business revolves around making money online. He makes enormous promises about the amount of money you’ll make: the sales page for Aspire is filled with pictures of private jets, luxury vacations, million dollar homes, and other amenities that will supposedly become available to you after you learn from Michael Force.

We’re a bit skeptical. What’s the true story behind Aspire? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Aspire Claim to Make You a Millionaire?

Aspire claims that almost anyone can succeed online regardless of their age, education, current income, or gender.

Michael claims he spent years and thousands of dollars figuring out which business methods worked best online. Now, he’s bundling all of that information up and giving it to you for a small fee online.

Michael describes Aspire as “an elite community that provides all the tools you need to start making money online.” It claims to walk you through the steps you need to start making money online – and continue making money online in the future. It walks you from earning your first dollar all the way to earning 5 or 6 figures per month online.

Once you get past all the marketing lingo and jargon, you’ll realize that Aspire is basically just a portal for a multilevel marketing program. That’s right: Michael Force’s revolutionary online business involves making money from selling MLM subscriptions to other people.

Now, Aspire is just the base of a multilevel marketing program called Digital Altitude. Aspire is designed to get you hooked on the program before encouraging you to continue growing your MLM business by recruiting other people.

Like most MLMs, Aspire forces you to pay a big monthly fee to stay active in the company. Aspire also exaggerates how easy it is to make money online, saying things like “nothing could be easier.”

So what’s actually included with Aspire? Keep reading to find out.

What’s Included with Aspire?

Aspire gives you all of the following items upon signup:

-Digital Business Video Training: Gives you 3 simple steps to start up, set up, and promote your business.

-Private Digital Client for Life Coaches: Exclusive 1 on 1 access to coaches who will help you reach your goals.

-7 Figure Sales Funnels and Websites: Automated sales funnels you can setup on your own websites.

-Follow-up Sequences and Sales Automation: Automate your sales system and recapture old traffic to maximize profits.

-High Commission Back End Products: You can resell back-end products “so you can leverage top-tier commissions while you learn”. This is the MLM part of the program.

-Branding: You can get customized branding solutions to tailor your own online marketing program.

-Traffic & Social Media Solutions: Learn how to get traffic from a variety of online sources.

-Merchant & Payroll Services: In exchange for a hefty fee, Aspire will provide merchant and payroll processing services.

-Support, Forums, and Live Chat: Aspire provides live support and instant availability to all customers.

Digital Altitude Product Pricing

The entire Digital Altitude product line consists of 48 opportunities in which you can have 60 income streams with 19 of them being residual oriented and up to $24,000 in commissions.

There are three monthly membership levels from which to choose as well as a few one time high ticket offers and opportunities. Like most MLMs, the more you’re willing to pay per month, the more you can earn from people recruited beneath you to gain access to all of the systems, education and core products the Digital Altitude business opportunity has to offer.

Aspire Walker: $37 Per Month

  • -40% commissions
  • -1 tier payout
  • -Members’ area
  • -Training videos

Aspire Hiker: $67 Per Month

  • -Up to 50% commissions
  • -2 tiers of payout
  • -Members’ area
  • -Training videos, including weekly training
  • -Monthly conference calls
  • -More sales funnels
  • -Personal coaches

Aspire Climber: $127 Per Month

  • -Up to 60% commission
  • -3 tiers of payout
  • -Members’ area

Base Digital Business Mastery Course: $597 One Time

Rise Digital Marketing Mastery Course: $1997 One Time

Ascend Digital Business Profit Workshop: $9997 One Time

Peak Digital Business Prosper Retreat: $15997 One Time

Apex Digital Business Legacy Experience: $27,997 One Time

You can also pay Michael Force a $27,997 fee for something called “Apex”, which is a 7 day training seminar where you learn various strategies of running a multilevel marketing empire.

Aspire offers a $1 free trial on all plans. You pay $1 today to try the program for 14 days. If you don’t cancel within that 14 day period, then you’re automatically charged at least $37 per month.

They also have new branding and social marketing products “Guru You” and “Inbound Content Package” which is all about marketing with social media and blogging.

You can also research their list of traffic and funnel programs:

  • Tip Toe Traffic Package
  • Hitter Traffic Package
  • Leader Traffic Package
  • Producer Traffic Package
  • Top Earner Traffic Package
  • Speaker Traffic Package

Should You Sign Up for Aspire?

Aspire is a multilevel marketing company that claims to teach you how to operate an online business capable of generating you 6 figures per month in profit. Like most MLMs, the focus is not on selling any real type of product: instead, the focus appears to be on selling monthly memberships to people below you.

It’s never a good thing when you have to pay a monthly fee just to remain active in a business. That’s a red flag that you’re working with a pyramid scheme. We’re not saying that Aspire is a total scam, but it certainly has enough red flags around it that it warrants caution. In any case, it’s unlikely to make you a millionaire in 90 days – even though its creator Michael Force claims that “nothing could be easier”.

We are going to continue to update our review on Digital Altitude and all 48 products offered but for now take a sneak peak at what is offered inside the online business program of 2016:

  • EARN UP to 60% on All 48 Product Commissions & Continuity on ALL 3 Tiers Of Payout And Maximize The Compensation Plan! Get 45% on Tier 1, 10% on Tier 2, 5% on Tier 3.
  • ASPIRE Digital Business System That Provides All Product Development, Sales Assistance, NEW Member Onboarding, Sales Funnels, Marketing, Copywriting, Automation, Trainings, Done For You Solutions, Community & Support.
  • ASPIRE StartUp, Setup, Promote Steps That Include Overview, Study Guide & Checklist PDF’s Along With mp3’s To Sift & Sort Your Best Customers & Affiliates And Ensure A Learning Experience For Those That Like To Watch, Read Or Listen.
  • ASPIRE Traffic Trainings That Include Our Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced Expert Course Trainings By Industry Experts Who Have Learned From Failure To Ensure You Skip The School Of Hard Knocks And Get To The Top Faster.
  • ASPIRE HIKER Intermediate Live Weekly Traffic & Conversion Trainings By Industry Experts, Speakers And Leaders That Have Real World Results And Success To Ensure You Learn From What Is Working Now.
  • ASPIRE CLIMBER Intermediate Live Weekly Traffic & Conversion Trainings By Industry Experts, Speakers And Leaders That Have Real World Results And Success To Ensure You Learn From What Is Working Now.
  • ASPIRE StartUp Coach, Business Coach, Traffic Coach, And Tech Coach To Ensure You Get All Your Questions Answered And To Always Have An Expert Available To Ensure You Never Get Stuck Climbing Up The Mountain. All The Expertise You Need.
  • ASPIRE New Member Sales Assistance Option That Makes All Your Product Sales For You So You Can Spend Time With Those You Care Most About And Avoid Selling Yourself.
  • ASPIRE’s 2 Highest Converting Automated Sales Funnel Marketing Machines That Include The Highest Converting Banners Along With Proven Email Swipe Copy And Social, And Ad Copy Swipe
  • ASPIRE’s Proprietary Completely Done For You Traffic Solution Options That Includes Sourced Traffic From ONLY Trusted, Tested & Proven Online Traffic Sources
  • ASPIRE’S Done For You Branding Solution Options That Includes Up To Headshots, Lifestyle shots, Local Stylist, Image Background Scouting, Video Scripting, Video Directing & Editing, Sales Funnel, Social, And Blog Presence.
  • ASPIRE’S Done For You Content Solution That Includes Article, Blog, Social Writing & Editors That Builds Value And Ranks In Google And Attracts The Highest Quality Buyers.
  • ASPIRE’S Done For You Sales Funnel Solution That Includes Private One-On-One Access To Our Funnel Experts And Architects That Will Consult And Create A Personalized & Customized Sales Funnel That Builds Your List And Builds Your Brand.
  • ASPIRE’S Done For You Email List Building Solution That Includes Access To Our Email Autoresponder Platform That Is Like Having Your Own Aweber Or GetResponse service That You Can Build Your Own List, Buy Data At Pennies On The Dollar And Also Even Have Your Own Members Pay You For Autoresponder Services.
  • ASPIRE’S Done For You Page Builder Solution That Includes Drag & Drop Editing Ability, Sales Funnel Creation, Order Pages, Templates, And Tools That Compete With ClickFunnels & Lead Pages.
  • ASPIRE’S Done For You Blogging Solution That Includes Hosting And The Ability To Have Your Own Blog That Leverages The Traffic And Content Created By Thousands To Help Increase Your Page Rank And Back Links So Your Blog Rises In The Search Engines Faster And Stays Longer.
  • ASPIRE’S Done For You Hosting Solution Which Enables You To Host All Your Websites, Blogs, Videos, Images And More To Faster Download And 99% Uptime So You Can Ensure A Lower Bounce Rate And Higher Conversions.