As the founder and creator of Network Marketing VT, I want to thank you for investing your time wisely to investigate our valuable product library, our inspiring coaching & training, and our exponentially growing financial opportunity. Tremendous consideration has gone into producing our products & services and we value our members and their success stories. So I sincerely hope you will find Network Marketing VT to be worthy of your home business portfolio, and share the same vision and ideals of elevating the standards of our industry as we impact lives all over the world.

Most likely, you and I share a lot in common because after years in the network marketing industry, I have discovered that no matter where we come from, or who we aspire to be, we all have common threads. I grew up in the same small town I was born in, Prestonsburg, Kentucky; right in the heart of south east America. It was a great place to grow up but my opportunities were severely limited. Not only was the economy terrible, but the general mindset of the culture was one of poverty. Inside myself, I knew my potential was unlimited and only limited to the company and environments I surrounded myself with. So after high school, I chose to experience the world and joined the U.S. Air Force.

After four years in the military…I graduated from college and was fortunate enough to be my top choice of graduate schools. However, after a messy divorce and a young son that refused to stop growing up, I responded to an advertisement on the internet for “making money from home.” The ad was full of hype and I was skeptical but the guy on the other end of the phone became a good friend (and remains my friend to this very day). The lifestyle and success he was enjoying was contagious – and although I didn’t resonate with the hype and glamour that he was pitching me, I knew it was an opportunity to be close to my son in Florida and be the kind of dad he deserved. I was sold and it worked out better than I could have ever imagined. Just a few months after starting my first home business in network marketing, I found myself living on the beach, driving the car of my dreams, and traveling around the country. I realized that the promises of “make money while you sleep” were actually true. The first time (and every time) you receive 100% commission payments in your inbox, it’s truly addictive. So although it’s been over 6 years since responding to that first advertisement, I have always loved the industry, the people, the opportunity, and the Internet itself. Participating in a valuable, lucrative global opportunity is a dream our parents and grand-parents could have never imagined. And in 2012, the days of skepticism are long past.

My invitation to you…Review our site and get all of your questions answered. Send us an email or use our Live Chat right now and let us assist you in any way we can. Sign up now and join us on our upcoming global seminar events. Share this opportunity with everyone you know and secure your future with your own prosperous economy. I look forward to hearing you on our upcoming tele-seminars, meeting you personally real soon, and being a part of your legacy for many years to come.

What I specialize in today…My first 3 or 4 years in the network marketing industry was a learning experience. That’s the great thing about this industry. You can “earn while you learn.” After some hard work and persistence, I was able to gain the skill sets and entrepreneurial wisdom necessary to “create on demand.” The systems I was creating in the Air Force had application to the Internet. The people skills of networking added value to all my relationships. The marketing of lead generation and website creation inspired me to create many online business – both in the network marketing industry and selling physical products with successful launches that earned millions of dollars multiple times per year. That’s the main thing I love about the network marketing industry. The skills, training, coaching, and experience you gain apply to all aspects of your life, while you serve and empower the lives of others in the process. The resources and the abundance of the world is simply the greatest playground for opportunity the world has ever known! And it only grows from here. In the short 6 year span of my network marketing career, I have now become known as one of the best online business developers in the world; oftentimes working behind the scenes to some of the Internet’s most successful marketers.

NMVT represents my dedication to the industry that has given me so much…The purpose of Network Marketing VT is to give you to fast-track to success; the opportunity live an extraordinary life at an affordable price. Rest assured that we’re not a “fly by night” company. You will be surrounded by some of the most successful people that I have ever known, including my own mentors that assisted me 6 years ago. We have already attracted a “Dream Team” of leadership and excellence, dedicated to providing the best quality products, coaching, consulting, training, and opportunity that has ever existed in one place before — regardless of the cost. With Network Marketing VT, we are raising the bar on home business success to levels that have never existed before.